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Thread: ASUS Motherboard warranty length?

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    ASUS Motherboard warranty length?


    Could someone please confirm the duration of the warranty on ASUS motherboards?

    It was my understanding that ASUS offered a 3 year warranty, but on the individual product details pages, the warranty is only listed as being 24 months.

    Looking through the forum archive, I can see that there has been some debate about the value of the warranty from ASUS....

    Can someone from Scan please confirm:

    (a) the length of warranty on all ASUS motherboards, and
    (b) what the official procedure is, should a directly replacement not be available

    I have to say that when I had a faulty ASUS motherboard a couple of years ago, it was quickly replaced with an updated model without any fuss. However, I just wanted to clarify the warranty length before I buy a new Z68 board!

    Many thanks,


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    Re: ASUS Motherboard warranty length?

    3 years. Retunr to SCAN and they take care of it.

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