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Thread: N95 questions

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    N95 questions

    Hey there, this is my first post and I hope i'm not doing anything wrong!

    Anyway I'm looking to get a new phone and looking at the current phones on the market i think the N95 is the one for me, however i am still open to suggestion. The reasons behind the choice for the N95 is it does everything i want it to (Camera, Video, MP3, WiFi, SatNav etc. and still has buttons!). The battery life is not a huge issue to me but as i have mentioned before i am open to other suggestions. Anyway i have some questions and would be grateful for any informed input!

    Firstly what are the limitations of the mobile internet? From what i gather its mainly used as a e-mail and browser. Does this mean if im sat at a train station i can just connect to the internet and check my e-mails, bbc news website etc? Would it be possible to use MSN messenger? Also how much does the SatNav cost to use? I've heard some people say its not great, is it useable to get from A to B is really what im interested in!

    My next choice is which network to go with. Its preety much narrowed down to O2 or Tmobile for me. I was wondering if people could tell me how much bandwidth they use a month on their phones and what they do on the internet that uses the bandwidth. e.g. What IS there to do with the bandwidth other than browse and check emails (which i assume would not use much bandwidth and i could get away with the O2 offer, allbeit i'd feel much safe in the knowledge i had 1GB and not 2MB

    Advantages of O2
    - Phone is unlocked
    - Voicemail included, more minutes/texts

    Advantages of TMobile
    - Web 'n' Walk

    O2 offer £35/pm for 18 months, free hand set and plenty of minutes/texts, this is great however i am worried about the data restrictions on the use of the web. I plan to use the phone to check emails and browse regularly, but will my useage of bandwidth rack me up a huge bill? I think its £38p/m after the bandwidth bolton? Tmobile offer a slightly different package by Tmobile (£59.99 handset charge, £37.50p/m but only 12 month contract which is much preferred over the 18month contract O2 are offering)

    I guess to summarise im looking for a phone which has all the bells and whistles is the N95 for me? If it is for me then do i choose the unlocked phone or will i require/make use of the web 'n' walk tmobile offer? It is unlikely i will exceed the minutes/text package offered by Tmobile so i don't think that part of the O2 advantages carries much weight. To me the Tmobile package seems to be the one to go for at the moment. However i am not very in touch with the performance of mobile networks so how good are tmobile and do they remove any features of the N95 with their software etc?

    I hope this makes sense and any input would be greatly appriciated!

    P.S. If anything needs elaborating or explaining let me know!

    Many Thanks


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    Re: N95 questions

    O2 is terrible for data right now.

    After being with them for about 8 years i'm thinking about switching to t-mobile when i replace my current phone, probably with an HTC TyTN II (Pocket PC).

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    Re: N95 questions

    I use O2 for calls but tmobile for data.
    You can pay £15 to have a tmobile handset unlocked
    The N95 will work as a modem via USB and you can easily exceed 2GB this way
    Battery life is abysmal
    Screen and keyboard limitations limit browsing
    Sat Nav is poor and navigation itself basic

    I agree the HTC tyTn 2 looks ver good (available as the tmobile vario 111)

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    Re: N95 questions

    O2 do a 12 month package for £35 a month with a free n95. With my o2 xda I've never had an excess data charge, and thats use the gmail applet 24/7, and browsing the web when I feel like it (usually to get directions... heh need satnav!)

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