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Thread: 3 Cancellation Question?

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    Exclamation 3 Cancellation Question?

    Hi guys,


    I called up three today from the U.K around 21:50 and spoke with Ravi.

    I called them because i said I have left my job and will be struggling to meet my monthly bills of 35 quid a month. Darn american keyboard wheres my sterling symbol curse you razer : p.

    Lo and behold i got a black and white scripted answer we can only remove your internet pack only.

    Hmmm .... so i signed up around January 08 and he tells me i can review my pack and tariff when the upgrade becomes available which is around the end off March or pay 108 quid cancellation fee. So basically pay 3 and abit months in advance to terminate the contract. Definately unfeasible and pointless. Coff up for something i know i cannot afford. Although getting rid of three is mighty tempting ???? HMMMM

    So my question is can i cancel my contract ??? As i signed up for mine online via their webby ???
    So please check this box if you agree to our T&Cs - this has suddenly come to mind, naturally I didn't want to pursue this over the phone. So i have here to ask you guys ???? I mean my first every 3 contract was with the Link .... so where do i stand guys???

    I mean saving a fiver a month is hardly worth calling them up at all??? but the point still stands ??? He suggested i give their collections department a ring tomorrow and see if their is a payment plan or something that can be sorted out for ?

    So i will do this and see where i get to as he said my video pack is binded by my phone as i took out the new Nokia N95 8gb edition phone and the video pack is exclusive like binded to the phone so he can only remove the internet add on ??????????????? Errr someone offer me some advice here please ???? I mean I sure as can't afford to be paying and putting up with these guys anymore. Is binded to the phone so he can't do anything isn't that contradictory to saying we can do anything until your phone is due for upgrade then he tells me he can't do anything because the video pack was sold with the phone ???? Say what ???

    Wait until 110 days before the end date of my contract ??? Wasn't it 2/3s of the way through your contract when you can upgrade and etc ............. Ah well anyways my question above is what I'm really after.

    Imagine someone under immense hardship due to the economic climate - these guys would put them through the same thing ?????????????

    One thing I will do is record my phone call, YES SIRRREEE BOB !!!

    Thanks For Reading Guys,

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    Re: 3 Cancellation Question?

    I'll start with a few questions to clarify things, as it makes a difference.

    1) When did you take out the contract?
    2) How long is the contract, and how long is left to run?
    3) Is the £35/month a fixed price, or promotional?
    4) Did you get any cashback or similar?

    I am going to assume from what you have said that you took it out in Jan 2008, and it was an 18 month contract, so it would be due to expire june 2009.

    Assuming that to be the case, then no you are not allowed to cancel your contract at the moment without paying a fee - this will be the remainder of your monthly line rental, and most probably with a fee (or "admin charge") on top. You signed up to pay £35 for 18 months, so thats what you have to do. It makes no difference where you signed the actual contract.

    Usually with 3 you can drop your contract down up to 2 tiers after 9 months, but you will have to pay a £10 fee for each tier that you drop down. I did this and it worked out cheaper overall, but it depends on how long is left to run on the contract.

    So sorry..but looks like you are stuck with it for now. Another option may be to try and get someone like Phones4U to buy out your contract, but thats unlikely since you want to reduce your spending. Last resort would be to check any insurance you have (some phone insurance can cover bill payments in case of job loss)

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    Re: 3 Cancellation Question?

    you may be able to downgrade to a £15 month contract if you have completed 6 months on your current tariff, you cannot cancel the contract

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