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Thread: FAO: People with screens!

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    FAO: People with screens!

    Didn't know where to put this [theres no section for mp3 players... and this might apply to some mobiles anyway.. my 7 year old one it would certanlly(sp?)], so its going here, mods feel free to move

    Most things have screens, which seem to always get scratched very easly.

    I didnt want my £215 brand new Rio Karma getting scratched, and I came accros this site

    I dont really enjoy importing things. Im lazy, very lazy. So I tryed to think of an alternative. Cling film. Its as good, and most people have it, including those without screens!
    The only noticable difference is cling film is a lot thinner, possibly harder to apply and probably wont last nearly as long, but Im not complaining, I have a lot of it.

    So some tips to help you use this crazy idea:

    To apply it, rip a largish square from your roll. Next put your device down infront of you. Stretch the cling film in both directions and lower it so that when it makes contact, there will be no ripples and hopefully, no air bubbles.

    Wrap the device in it, so it holds itself on, still streched.

    Push down gently to the screen to smooth it out.

    Next get a very fine blade. Those from used razors are great for this becuase they are so thin and incredibly sharp (and new ones are a hell of a lot sharper!!!). With the blade, very gently cut through the streched film going round the edges of the screen/plastic around it - if the screen is acctually covered by a clear peice of plastic, which is painted, where the screen is not, cut around that whole peice of plastic. Try not to let theblade touch the device, only want to cut the film...

    Please see one of the pictures of the karma in this hexus review to see what I mean. Its also a very good review of a very good mp3 player, so read it aswell

    Protects your screen
    Can be considered almost free
    Readly avialable even for those that have a fear of leaving there homes.. without waiting for a postman.
    Hardly noticable atall..

    Makes your screens a little more shiny?
    PITA to put on and get the bubbles out - may take several attemps, took me two.
    Some people may think your an idiot for doing it, although they are most likely chavs...
    probably not a good idea for TFT screens or any screens not covered by a layer of glass or plastic
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    Nice idea, might have to do this to my iPod, got scratched on my first day without the holder

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