With my recent acquisition of a shuttle sn45g, i've installed all relevant software for my ATI All-in-wonder 8500DV to try and get it set up as a personal video recorder. (using multimedia centre 8.8)

I've never taken full advantage of the card before (yes, i'm quite ashamed ) but am after any tips on the best settings to use for recording.

The main use will be for recording specific programs, to transfer to DVD-R. I have also been using the 'Pause Live TV' function recently as well. I currently have the record settings set to DVD. Are there any settings inside this profile that need changing? What is best to use, interlaced / de-interlace / progressive source ?

Is there any other software that would be best suited for my needs, that is compatible?

I'm running the TV off a portable aerial, but hope to have it wired into the main antenna soon.

Thanks in advance for any feedback