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Thread: Xerox WorkCentre 7232 photocopier & Driver End-User License Agreement...

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    Xerox WorkCentre 7232 photocopier & Driver End-User License Agreement...

    Good day,
    A while back at the public civil service in the EU that I work, we bought at a Xerox WorkCentre 7232 photocopier, which can also work as a network printer since its equipped with jet-direct / Lan UTP card. I applied a static IP to it and successfully installed it onto several of the network PCs through the Win Vista network printer installation.

    My query is:

    When we bought this photocopier it came bundled with all the original manuals & printer drivers / software CDs and we have have not paid for any extra software license fees nor any annual renewal or maintenance, technical support or on-site service to Xerox.

    How ever, when I installed the printer driver to use it as a network printer, I noticed this statement in the End-User License Agreement of the driver:

    Subject to compliance with the terms of the agreement(s) pursuant to which you purchased or otherwise obtained rights to the Equipment, Xerox hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the software and related documentation ("Software") enclosed in this package with the Equipment, including use of any on networked workstation or server for your internal purposes only, for as long as you are current in the payment of any indicated software license fees (including any annual renewal or maintenance fees) on the following terms and conditions.
    2. USE
    You may install the Software on the Equipment or if applicable, on equipment for use only in conjunction with the Equipment. When networked, other users on the network may access and use the Software in conjunction with the Equipment.
    3.1. Xerox owns or is otherwise entitled to grant a license in the Software as set forth herein.
    3.2. No title to or ownership of the Software or any proprietary right therein is transferred to you.
    3.3. You may, subject to Section 3.4 below, make one copy of the Software in whole or in part only for that purpose expressly permitted in Section 2 above and for back-up. Such permitted copy shall include in readable format any copyright and other proprietary notices contained on the original Software.
    3.4. You may copy the related documentation for use only in conjunction with the Equipment.
    The rest of the license agreement is here:

    I'm not a lawyer, but does this mean that in order to use these drivers & and the photocopier as a network printer & install it onto the rest of the network PCs, I have to pay extra license fees & annual renewal or maintenance fees to Xerox in order to be legally covered?!

    Please any help in bringing some light to this matter will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
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