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Thread: Really wierd Windows 2000 probably DHCP problem.

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    Really wierd Windows 2000 probably DHCP problem.

    I use DHCP for Ghosting new images to machines (Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Client).
    Now every so often I'm getting machines who recieve their IP but cannot ping the DHCP server, and the DHCP server cannot ping them.
    It's reallly wierd.
    Though the DHCP can ping others in the same range and room. The clients who recieved the DHCP address also seem fine they can ping each other and other servers (in the same range).
    Turn the clients off for a day (though the lease is set to an hour) and come back miraculously it has cured itself.
    Though its a pain to leave some machines behind unfinished....

    Anyone any thoughts?

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    Not sure if this helps m8, i had a similar problem as you. Not sure if your machines are on a routed network or not but we lost 1 of our 2 routers, DHCP was set to give out 2 gateways. So each machine had addresses for 2 gateways: 1 good 1 bad. Machine would behave fine for a while then stop communicating with our Oracle Databases, due to it switching over to the duff router. Couldn't ping bugger all either, even on the same subnet. IPCONFIG, the piece of ****e, didn't help since it only listed 1 bloody gateway!. Anyway tracked it down to dhcp/gateway addresses, rebooted everything was fine after...
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