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Thread: Win2k domain gubbins...

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    Win2k domain gubbins...

    Sorry to bother the windows server elite out here but ive got a few questions...

    1) when joining a XP machine to a win2k served domain... the machine always takes ages to logon(at least 2 minutes).... any reason why... any way round it?

    2) Is there some tickbox somewhere that blocks remote administration of the domain.. ive been trying to administer the group policys from my xp sp2 machine (logged onto domain with admin + GP edit rights) but it says it cant access the domain... also if i try to put a 2k3 server in as another domain controller/backup controller in the same domain, it also cannot connect.. so i think its a security setting somewhere... anyone got any ideas?

    thanks in advance

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    Sounds more like naffed up DNS to me; I take it your existing server is its own DNS server? i.e. It has the DNS server installed and the settings for at least its internal facing network adapter's TCP/IP settings are pointed at itself? Are you using DHCP, and if so, is the DHCP server set to use the domain controller as the DNS server for its clients?

    If you're administering from an XP workstation and the DNS isn't configured correctly, you will get messages like "a domain controller for X could not be contacted" and that sort of thing.

    DNS problems will also interfere with logons. The other common cause for long logons is bloated profiles.
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    I agree with nichomach, sounds like dns to me. Active Directory requires a healthy dns to function right, so it would make sense that your administration would fail as well. Dns is where you should start your troubleshooting.

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