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Thread: media player wtf?!

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    media player wtf?!

    my media player is randomly renaming my tunes! i.e. rip an album and the song names don't match up, just did a pink floyd one and its as though all the names had shifted one song along but the file names were correct just media player decides to list them different ??!
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      • 95W or something?
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    I used to use WMP all the time, and I have tried WinAmp (never fell in love with it) countless times, but now I'm in love with itunes

    Did anyone find (especially with the new version) that media player lags for around 10 seconds when a track finishes and it moves to another one? Thats ULTRA annoying, especially if some gheyass song comes on

    I would suggest its that automatic name updater thingy... something that can be easily disabled on options

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