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Thread: Help needed with Link Aggregation

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    Help needed with Link Aggregation

    I have a N4100Pro and I'd want to use the link aggregation feature of LAN and WAN ports, to be able to comunicate from my PC to the NAS redundantly.

    From my PC, I connect to one specific IP address, so, it's possible to configure the same IP address in both WAN & LAN ports?

    If so, how? If I try to configure the same IP address, an error message is shown "LAN update error (IP address already exists)".

    If it's not possible, how can I connect from my computer to the NAS no matter which port is used?. What IP address I configure? Do I need any kind of hw/sw to be able to do this?

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    Re: Help needed with Link Aggregation

    When your NAS device and your switch support link aggregation, just select that option and keep in mind the WAN-port settings will be used and de LAN-port settings ignored. With that in mind it will be easy to get it running ;-)

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