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Thread: PCI problems with AN-M2HD

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    PCI problems with AN-M2HD

    Hi ..
    Most of what follows is cut n' pasted from my previous posts to the US Abit forums and moderator Buff has kindly directed me here to persue some help for my problem

    I wonder if anyone can help me out .. I recently purchased my AN-M2HD motherboard..
    & have built a mediacentre pc to the following spec :-

    Antec Fusion Case + psu
    AN-M2HD main board (m-atx)
    2gb matched ram
    Athlon 64 dual core processor 4400+

    and installed Vista premium on a sata drive..
    The system is up and running but when I then tried to install 2 pci cards into the 2 available slots ...
    1x DigiTV dvbt TV pci ard
    1x S2-3200 Technotrend HDTV dvbs2 satelliteTV pci card

    Vista does not see either card ...and thus does not ask for drivers..
    I can find nothing 'switched off ' in the bios (version 1.2) but have tried resetting to optimised defaults .. just in case..
    Nothing I do will persuade Vista to see the cards..

    Since then I have created 2 more 'test' operating systems on 2 clean pata drives..
    MCE and XP in order to find out if the problem was with Vista or the mobo..

    As with Vista the motherboard drivers were installed immediately after the o/s
    ..the first thing I installed was the dvbt card ..
    .. the pci card was detected as 'unknown pci device' so I offered up the manufacturers driver cd ..
    ..and in both case (XP and MCE) windows reported that the hardware/pci card was not installed as it could not find the drivers ...
    ...even though the o/s went for the cd ...and I can see the drivers there on the disc..
    Exactly the same performance with the other (dvbs2) satellite pci card ..

    Thats 3 operating systems failing to identify the pci cards when using this motherboard..
    the cards work fine in other pc's/mobo's running XP and MCE

    It looks to like the AN-M2HD either has faulty pci slot hardware on the mobo ..and/or the bios is failing to correctly identify the inserted cards ..and thus cannot match the drivers to the cards..
    rgds and thanks for all help offered.
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    Re: PCI problems with AN-M2HD

    It might be worth installing the OS and then installing the PCI cards see how they are detected after a clean install. Also try getting the latest drivers from the manufacturers website often fixes issues like this.

    if they dont install try looking in the 'Device Manager' see if they are being detected in there as you can manually force install a driver for the card in this screen.

    long shot but also try installing one at a time. i assume you know these cards work?

    if all that fails think you will be returning the board to place of purchase for a swapout - Performance Hardware

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    Re: PCI problems with AN-M2HD

    new BIOS out on the ftp if it's of any use

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    Re: PCI problems with AN-M2HD

    My thanks to those who tried to help me out with this issue..
    In the end ...after many frustrating hours I returned the mobo to the supplier for replacement ..
    ...It seems the mobo was indeed faulty the new one has no problems seeing anything plugged into the pci slots..
    Just unlucky I guess..
    rgds 2 all
    @Buff ..will grab that latest bios ...thanks m8

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