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Thread: Abit IP35 Pro XE Virtualization

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    Abit IP35 Pro XE Virtualization


    I have a question:
    Does this mainboard, Abit IP35 Pro XE support virtualization?
    I need to install Snow Leopard in VmWare software and I get an error that I do not have virtualization.
    I have a Core2Duo E8400 CPU that has virtualization but after a lot of browsing I found out that I need to enable the virtualization also in BIOS. The problem is that I do not have this option in my BIOS. I have version 11 of BIOS for this motherboard.
    I also found that there are two versions of v.11 of the BIOS (I have the older one).
    If I upgrade to the newer one will I have this option or I should stop bothering because the board has no virtualization.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Abit IP35 Pro XE Virtualization

    No mentioned of virtualization on the bios upades.

    BIOS ID:11
    Fixed 45nm CPU compatibility and support CPU half multiplier.
    Fixed the Wake Up by WAKE# of PCIe function abnormality.
    Fixed system hang when used Intel PXE CPU series.
    Fixed CPU temperature abnormality when S3 return.
    BIOS compiled date: 05/26/2008.

    Also where did you see the info regarding 2 ver for bios 11? Is one of them a modified or beta?

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