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Thread: Mail Clients for Panther (OS-X)

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    Mail Clients for Panther (OS-X)

    Got a G5 with Panther on it, the machine can telnet into the mail server and gets the ok, but from the "Mail" app it says it cant connect to the mail server, t'was alright on Jaguar but since Panther was installed "Mail" stopped working..
    So anyways I rang Apple, big frikkin bad hairy idea, the guy on the end of the phone knew less about Mac's than me (me being a PC person) and he ended up cutting me off after about 45 minutes..

    Anyways I tried Eudora as I'd heard of it, OMFG it stinks the interface is horrible, but it worked so we know that the "Mail" app is the fault, so the question is what "Normal" looking mail clients are there out there for the Mac?

    Outlook Express on the MS site only seems to support upto OS9.x, and there seems to be very little for OSX at the mo....

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    Entourage is the Outlook equivalent.

    I use "" for my .mac IMAP account, but use entourage for work exchange accounts.

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    Thunderbird it is, the mac guy loves it

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