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Thread: car mechanics guides

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    car mechanics guides

    Can anyone point in the right direction for some car mechanics guides, i know hardly anything when it comes to cars and after someone basically ripping me off, I'd like to get know alot more about how cars work, so can anyone point me in the right direction for car mechanics guides which start at basic level and then maybe get really indepth. I have the haynes workshop manual but that talks like you know abit about cars already.

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    This might be worth a quick read

    The t'internet is a vast library of information. There is probably alot more information about cars on that site that you may find useful

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    search out a forum for the make in question, you will find detailed guides on repairs, far more detail than haynes, and real life write ups using common tools, invaluable advice.

    i own a BMW, i have the dealer workshop manual on CD with fully detailed repair instructions, even down to the estimated time of the job, so i times that by 3 as rule of thumb and pull up the guides on bimmerfest. you dont feel quite so alone when you jump in the deep end then

    and theres normally a few dozen owners online to reply to posts while you brew up !!!

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    Best to get stuck in with a mate who knows about cars. Actually practicing and working out what the individual bits do is much more useful than reading anything

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