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Thread: Snow 2017 :-)

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    Re: Snow 2017 :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Butcher View Post
    Not sure if serious, but he's obviously photoshopped out the actual plate.
    To be fair, it's exactly the joke I wanted to make the first time I looked at those pictures....

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    Re: Snow 2017 :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by ik9000 View Post
    Sensible. But if you download and use CSI's zoom and enhance tool to view the reflections off the car panel you can see the reflection of the number plate in the adjacent car and the person's face. Zoom and enhance a few more times, you can get their retina and fingerprints, and run that through their amazingly up-to-date and far-reaching database to find out everything they've ever done. A quick reconstruct of the finger print and they could access their phone too.

    Must have been cold, their nose is running.
    and flies are undone

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