here's what I've just posted to ms newsgroups:
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Hey guys -
I've been re-ripping (at a much higher bitrate) all of my music in
anticpation of getting my shiny new media jukebox next week - it turns out
that I cannot update my media information now that I'm getting a service
unavailable message when trying to "Find Album Info" - and correct
When I've typed in all of the correct details about a CD - and click
finish -
a message comes up:
updating your media library, please wait
<spinny globe beside>
... then
Service Unavailable

Now - the real problem is that the cd which I've painfully typed in details
for has not been updated, and I'm left with a completely pointless error
message and no debugging information at all.
I can't tell what the error is - no error code given
I can access the website (by using IE history to find the explicit post
data) but no information comes back to illustrate exactly where the error

I'm sure you can also understand my reluctance to call MS Support who will
take a credit card number before putting me onto somebody who is unable to
help as the issue isn't yet present in online support.

Has anybody got any further steps I can take?
I'm going to have to consider using iTunes to edit all of the tracks - or
winamp whose freedb cddb service contains more spelling mistakes than a
5-year old's first essay (come on -= who ever heard of the chilly peppers,
singing "buy the way")

Best regards,

scott at harman dot tv
it's particularly silly as I was ripping in the background - most cd's were being recognised - except for any of the ones I bought in New Zealand - and most of the ones which are UK specific where you've got lots of bonus tracks, and various compile cd's - the best drinking songs in the world, ever volume 3... kind of thing.

very annoying.
any ideas of a reliable cddb service and faster ripper so I can do the 70-odd cd's which I haven't managed to re-rip yet?