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Thread: King Kong Alternate Ending

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    King Kong Alternate Ending

    Complete the game and then go back?! Are they mad?

    'Ubisoft sends word that an exclusive, alternate ending for King Kong can be unlocked in the game, "taking the audience a bit further than what the film could," according to Peter Jackson. One must complete the entire game and then go back and earn a total of 250,000 points (which is said to be "within reason") to unlock the new ending, as well as several Weta Digital concept art images, interviews with both Peter Jackson, an "old movie" filter, among other things.'

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    Or, just wait for some bum who actually like the game to do it and then download the xvid copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smtkr
    Or, just wait for some bum who actually like the game to do it and then download the xvid copy.
    im with smtkr on this one

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