I am running a ad-hoc wireless network. It only works at 'b' speeds (is posible for 'g' but never figured it out), but it works just great. I connect my PC, PDA and Squeezebox perfectly.

I just can't get my PSP to connect (or even recognise a wifi network is even there). Anyone here ever managed to connect a PSP to an adhoc network or have any PSP wifi networking tips?

I see you can sellect 'ad hoc' and 'inferstructure' in the PSP menu system, but i'm not sure if this is a bit misleading or not - i have never had to tell anyother devices that its an adhoc network and i suspect that adhoc on the PSP means for PSP to PSP only. Or am i wrong?

If no one can help me, could you at least point me somewhere that i could get help?