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Thread: Kids and mobile phones

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    Re: Kids and mobile phones

    Quote Originally Posted by 0iD View Post
    I allowed the eldest two to have one once they reached their teens. The same will apply to the youngest. Having said that, keeping 16 & 18 yr old daughters in contract phones is an expensive business
    My daughter got a phone when she started secondary school - she's catching public transport, I want her to be safe.

    My son will get the same treatment when he starts in September this year.

    I agree, 100%, on it being expensive - especially when she doesn't realise that having 250 free texts a month means that every text thereafter costs money - "I thought it wouldn't let me send any more once I got to 250" - genius!
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    Re: Kids and mobile phones

    Woo.. First post in a long time.

    My mobile is sat in front of me. As it generally is, except at school where it's up my sleeve or in my pocket, depending on whether I'm expecting a call from home or not. My dad had a 'spare' that rapidly became mine after it started spending more time in my pocket than out of it. Obviously I use it for contacting home, and my family, when needed but that isn't what I use it for most.

    I use it for talking to everyone else around. I live about 20 miles away from most of my school mates (go to school across a county line) and so I'm limited to MSN/Skype/Phones. As nice as calling someone and hearing their voice is - which I still do for some mates - it's not always suitable. I'll be texting into the small hours some nights (it's common knowledge amongst those with my number that I always have my phone in my pocket or next to my bed and that texting me will wake me, and that waking me pointlessly will result in them having their phone thrown out of a third storey window next time I see them)

    In addition to this, it's useful for getting a message across our school site (long distance ) to the people on the other side.

    I'm yet to see someone texting across a room or across a small group though. Urban myth. They don't have that much money to waste.

    I'm on PAYGO. I pay for some (not all) of my credit. I'm pushing for going to contract paid entirely by myself. Wonderful having money to burn XD

    The common joke about my phone is that if you had enough of them, you could build a house with them. It's light-hearted fun-poking. Not bullying. I don't see any bullying regarding phones. I also see very little cyber-bullying (through texts/abusive calls) and little of the abusive videos and whatnots. I guess I must live in a nice area or something
    Quote Originally Posted by Fortune117
    Kids are getting smarter, eventually no amount of parental controls will be able to stop them
    I guess we're expected to do quite well

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    Re: Kids and mobile phones

    There have been reports of videos of bullying/beating taking place in the past but they are far and few in between. It does not excuse the act of course, is it worth restricting 'legit' use, because some idiots (who only make themselves identifiable) act can't behave themselves?

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