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Thread: Royal Mail problems again

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    Royal Mail problems again

    If anyone comes across anything about current Royal Mail delivery problems in any way i would be very gratful if you reply here with them.
    I have had too many stuff go missing recently (top range gfx cards, digital cameras, etc) and am trying to collect information on why this happening.
    Does anyone know exactly how a recorded parcel (for example) works and all the options available to someone who has lost something. What exactly deos the journey of a parcel involve, where does it go and can i identify where it has been lost along the way?
    After 15 days the parcel is declared lost but what can a person actually do apart form fill out a form for Belfast lost dept.
    Any help really !!!

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    I've had a parcel go missing this week, going to the post office this afternoon to try and sort it.

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    go 'postal'...sorry. wasn't there a program on telly a while ago about post office workers who nick lots of stuff? in all probability I suspect this is whats happening here...
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