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    I have been reserching it... I found this web site...

    After asking around I hered that they HAVE and distribute Longhorn! Some quotes!

    "Yes, we have Longhorn, and yes you can learn more about it and even find links to it here."

    " DO NOT: Post requests for downloads, PM for links, or post cracks, keys, spam, etc. You will be banned on a first violation for these rules. Read the rules in the appropriate forums after you join.
    We want you to get what you came here for, and you will... just be patient and you'll get what you want. The more you contribute to our site, the faster you'll get what you want. "

    So, if I understand that corectly if I contribute to there crumy site that some how they will give me or link me a Longhorn copy! Or perhaps it will fall from the sky! Oh! It gets even better! I just created a account there...

    "If you are affiliated with any government, police, anti-piracy group, software distribution company or group or any other related group and you proceed you are in violation of code 431.322.12 of the internet privacy act signed by US President Clinton and passed by congress in 1995."

    Now I feel realy welcome! Has anyone here had any dealings with this site? I'd like to be a active member of there fourm...
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    longhorn is under development by microsoft. it's highly unfinished

    what is "in the wild" are leaks of early developer previews (pre-alpha variants) of the os, in its raw state

    you can't get ahold of it or use it legally, unless microsoft gave it to you

    it's basically warez, pure and simple - and we don't allow warez here

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