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Thread: Acer monitor colour problems

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    Acer monitor colour problems


    I,ve recently experienced problems with an Acer AL 1916 monitor.
    The colour is totally "washed out" and doesn't appear to be utilising Blue!

    When I,ve reset the monitor utilising the monitors functions/menu, the colours are momentarily refreshed before they again disappear

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: Acer monitor colour problems

    Hi Tom,

    I can totally sympathise with you as I am currently using the Acer AL1916 myself and its a real pain to sort out!

    I have tried adjusting the colours on the monitor itself but this didnt really work, the only way I could get it right is by using the NVidia control panel in windows & the monitor controls combined!

    The monitor also needed a different adjustment between XP & Vista, personally this is the worst monitor I have ever used when it comes to getting it just right but its ok at the moment, finally got it where its ok and enjoyable

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