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Thread: ATI Catalyst Report - Q2

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    ATI Catalyst Report - Q2

    HEXUS have managed to get a peak at the latest Catalyst Report from ATI, which gives us the rundown on what's happened so far and, more importantly, what Catalyst has got up it's sleeve in the future:
    Upcoming with Catalyst soon there’s a new CCC wizard which run in 640x480 and make it easy for even novice users to get the best out of their cards.

    On top of that, we’ll be getting Emerald MCE (Media Center Edition) support, This will give us full support of MS’s COPP API which enables analogue and digital output protection. Catalyst will also have new UI plug ins to make HDTV resolutions and fine resolutions easy and simple as well as giving Always Ready support so your MCE system is ready to go.
    Check out the full story here.
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    In the new releases of Catalyst, one of the most interesting things for 'normal folk' will be the inclusion of 'HyperMemory support' for cards with only 64 or 128MB of graphics memory.

    If you want to spend less than £100 on a card - but still get decent frame rates in memory hungry games - then this will be a great feature !

    Has anyone ever done a survey / poll on how much video memory the average member of the HEXUS Massive has in their box ?
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