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Thread: What would I get for these items?

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    What would I get for these items?


    I am having a clearout and was wondering how much I would get for the following items:

    Adaptec 2120S 1 Channel 64MB SCSI Raid card
    2 x Quantum Atlas II 10K 36.4GB SCSI Hard Drives

    Or, would you put them in RAID 0 for use as your main OS drive?


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    Re: What would I get for these items?

    Difficult to say what they would fetch - depends if you found someone who specifically wanted it. They are £300 on Amazon, a quick look found one at about £250, so you might get £100 - but then you might find no buyers at all. These days SCSI is pretty specialised for a home user, and a commercial IT department would probably buy new or buy as part of a system solution. I would think that only someone setting up a SOHO server for a small business might want the card and/or the disks. Have a look under SCSI in the Hexus for sale section.

    I think I'd be inclined to use the set up either as an OS disk (either as separate disks or as a RAID or JBOD) or perhaps as disks for critical data - again as individual disks or RAID 1.
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