Just installed a new graphics card and temps there seem ok, but CPU temps seem very high. As I rember they used to idle around 50C on the CPUTIN when I first got it up and running, but that seems to have risen to 60C :O... Now the case is very cramped for airflow with cables and what not but I have done the best I can there.
Also I have noticed that until recently the CPU has been underclocking itself to 2.4GHz instead of the stock 3.0GHz (Intel C2D E8400). Speedstep and the likes are and always have been disabled so I wonder if this is to do with the temp being too high and the CPU underclocking itself.

Just wondered what your thoughts were, wether this is normal for this case or not. Also if you have any input into solutions, maybe the heatsink needs re-seating (I am using the NT-06 as recommended by silverstone). It just all seems a little bit strange.

Thanks for any ideas you have