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Thread: netgear problems!!!

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    netgear problems!!!

    Hi, i have a netgear wgr614v6 recently it seems that i get disconnected from my games in xbox live then reconnected. I thought it was just my xbox BUT while i was on my xbox i was browsing the web on my laptop and right when i get disconnected from my party the connection drops on my laptop to.

    I have 1 (VERY OLD AND SLOW) desktop computer where my router is and 2 laptops the newest one and fastest being mine, and a slightly older and ok one. I just want to play halo: reach and gta 4 without disconnecting and losing so i appreciate if anyone could help

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    Re: netgear problems!!!

    Could be on its way out or overly optimistic sync speed , but most common problem is overheating. Stand the router up on it's edge so that there's as much room for cooling as possible.

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