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Thread: I think I killed my AIW 9800 Pro!

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    I think I killed my AIW 9800 Pro!

    I had just got done reinstaling windows and some apps... I updated all the drivers and I was watching TV. I just started running ATI tool, I then restarted... but when I clicked the TV icon all I get is fuz, no sound, when I check to see if the cable worked on my tv it did! I reinstaled all the drivers.... no luck! I shut down and restarted many times! Cold my OC of 10 MHZ on the core for only five mins have killed my tunner?

    I found a pice of metal lying on top of my AIW!!!! I'm no shure my cards tunner is dead! I dont have the mony to replace it! And I needed it for my media PC in my house! Could I send it some where to get it fixed?
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    You could try RMAing it to ATI, i think what you do is pay for it to be sent to them they repair\or replace it and pay for it to be sent back to you.

    Here's a rage3d thread on experiences of sending them back.
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