I have an X-Clio Jr case and I was wondering if anyone else who owns an X-Clio has the same noise problem that I do?

The computer is just so damn noisy! It's like a vacuum cleaner! I've tried unplugging all my case fans, changing the CPU fan, changing the power supply and unplugging the northbridge fan on the mobo, but nothing seems to affect the noise level.

I'm guessing because the side of the computer is basically open, all the noise is echoing around the case then escaping. I'd try another case, but I'm a very poor student, and I can't afford to simply buy another case (£40 for the Coolermaster Centurion 5 is more than a weeks budget!). My mates Antec case has basically the same components in it, yet is much much quieter.

I was hoping someone who had one of these cases could tell me if it's a trait of the case, or if there is something inside creating noise.