My Av8 rev 2 board is now fast becoming a pain - as good as it is.

When I got the board there was a sticker on it saying "we advice you to update the bios to the latest version to fix CPU issues" A little look on the net later and it appears that there are problems with some bios version using the latest FX 53 and FX 55 cpu's. I have an FX55 so decided to update

My Board already recognised my chip as an FX55 so I'm actually kicking myself as there didn't appear anything wrong (thats not to say there wasn't something under the hood wrong)

I got the latest Bios flash for the AV8 from the asus website

flashed it.....and now my bios appears to be an american megatrends (which I don't think it was before) and it now recognises my CPU as an FX55 1.8 athlon which is so wrong it hurts.
It once complained of a cpu voltage range error but only the once. It never did this with the old Bios. I'm trying to put it back at the moment.

to my basic eye it would appear I have flashed the board with the wrong bios ????? despite me getting it from the asus website and what would appear to be the correct link.
I can't find an exact match on the asus website av8 rev2 the only av8 reference is the av8 deluex which seems to be "my board"


1.) Does anyone have this board and have the latest bios file
2.) Does it matter about the rev2/delux miss match
3.) Can anyone point me in the correct place for the correct bios for this board
4.) Voltage missmatch ?? AMD FX55 1800 athlon ?? help please.