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Thread: Sorry if this sounds ungrateful...

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    Sorry if this sounds ungrateful...

    But what's up with you guys? I thought this forum was supposed to be friendly and supportive, but so far I've not had anyone post even a 'hell if I know' type comment in response to either of the queries I posted about Akasa Exclipse 62 cases, and those were three days ago. Please, someone among the 21 of you who have looked at that thread must be able to shed some light on my problem, please don't just assume someone else will reply.
    I don't want to sound negative but I wouldn't have posted here if I could have found the answers myself, so I'm not lazy, I'm just stuck, and I need you guys to help me out. Someone, even just say hi will you, let me know I'm not being ignored.
    I'll be really grateful if anyone reading this looks at the 'Calling All Eclipse 62 owners' and 'Addendum to previous query' threads and gives some feedback. Thanks in advance, theaikidoka.

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    Perhaps nobody has replied because they either don't have said case, or can't offer you any advice that's worth reading?

    When somebody wants help, people won't reply with pointless dribble, they'd rather let somebody who knows what they're talking about respond.

    Cases are generally a DIY affair. You gotta play around a bit to work things out. I've never seen a detailed manual to a case, so I've always had to poke around a bit to see what I'm supposed to do.
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    Right. Posted for you. Need any more help let me know.
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    Thanks to both of you for taking the time to post. Just had a bad day, so was stroppy - Kez, you're right, dribble is pointless, and RDL, cheers for the post.

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