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Thread: Quick DVD Firmware Questions

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    Quick DVD Firmware Questions

    After finding out about the many features that a newer firmwareoes for say burners (i.e. makes it support many more discs and speeds) I'd thought I'll update mine.

    My drive was easy as it only came out last year, and so I thought I would tell my cousins to update theirs but its a nightmare finding the official firmwares as the drives are discontinued and no longer supported by the manufacturers.

    Therefore I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the following sites are reputable and whether their listed firmwares would wreck the drives?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. has anyone actually had any problems with their drives after updating the firmware?
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    I used firmware from a 3rd party site before with no problems. Just make sure you've got the exact model number (probably best to get it from any stickers on the DVD drive as opposed to the front panel or what its reported as in Windows).

    Bear in mind that a new one can be had for about £20 - £25 if it all goes pear shaped...

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    i use the dangerrous brothers for all my drives you can only but try

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