I just received a Shuttle system I bought off eBay, based on a SK43G (http://eu.shuttle.com/en/DesktopDefa...170_read-4105/) but I'm not getting any display out of it at the mo, either on board or via the 6200 that came with it.

Was wondering if I should be hearing any beeps like you would out of a regular pc, to tell you what's going on (or not in this case!)? All that's happening is the power & hd leds come on at the front, the cpu fan comes on (full throttle like a vacuum) and then bugger all.

Have also tried disconnecting the 2 hd's, the dvd-rw, removed the 2 dimms, in the hope that it'd start beeping at me, but nothing. I'm not even sure if these things have a basic speaker built into them...

Anyone know if they do?! The manual doesn't mention anything about beeps/diagnosis (http://global.shuttle.com/Download/D...asp?Item=SK43G) which I guess is maybe a hint?!

Cheers for any help!