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Thread: News - VIA announces VX900 media system processor

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    News - VIA announces VX900 media system processor

    Pairs with a Nano 3000-series CPU to offer an alternative to the popular Intel Atom + Broadcom Crystal HD combination.
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    Re: News - VIA announces VX900 media system processor

    Interesting for tablet-manufacturers, I'd've thought!

    Particularly with a USB client port - it'd let manufacturers have built in storage and implement USB mass storage so you could drag & drop your media files etc. direct to the device...

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    Re: News - VIA announces VX900 media system processor

    I like the sound of this. Obviously will need to see some reviews and audio issues will be key but I can see this being a very nice and small HTPC.

    Been watching VIA for a while - new M'Server product looks ideal for me as well, low cost, low power server able to run windows server so I can run a proper network at home with proper domain and centralised email and log ins. I know I can do the same with Linux but for home use I do not have time to work through complexities. Couple with NAS in RAID 5 and I should have a very robust storage. That plus a couple of HTPC in key parts of the house will be fantastic

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