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Thread: Xbox 360 users could use keyboard & mouse on Halo 3

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    Re: Xbox 360 users could use keyboard & mouse on Halo 3

    If you think the keyboard and mice make halo3 easier then you are ignorant. #1 The mouse on the xbox 360 is not even close to an fps game on the computer( The mouse acts as the controller not as a mouse). #2 Just because someone is more familar with a mouse and a keyboard don't hold it against them. I personaly know the keyboard like the back of my hand and would prefer to play with it, if xbox offered it. I don't want to send money to japan for an aftermarket piece, that I can't take back if it doesnt work as well as I would like. I use a controller and I am a 50 in halo3, I personaly could care less what any of you use to play, as long as I'm not getting standby'd or glitched its game on. I've played people that use it and have beat them, I don't see the issue. You people crying, that the keyboard and mouse is not fair, sound just like the people saying they would own if they had it. Mainly what I'm trying to say is don't hate, it really doesnt make that much of a difference.

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    Re: Xbox 360 users could use keyboard & mouse on Halo 3

    Holy thread revivial Batman!

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