Two problems with my current network:

The connection currently drops, maybe once a night or so. This could be my router (Netgear) or my line trying to sync to high. I'm going to get by ISP (o2) to rasie attentuation to 12 or 15 db to try and minimise this problem.

However there is also an internal issue with my homeplugs, which probably account for at least 50% of my connection issues, thus I'm going to try switching to a Wireless N setup, as I can't be certain if it's a problem with the plugs, or with the internal wiring of the house cuasing the problems.

I would also like some NAS ability, so given these points I was looking at this:

Linksys WRT610N and getting some Linksys USB Antennas as well for consistancy.

Is there any other alternatives i should be considering, or can you confirm this is a good product?

Any thoughts welcome!