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Thread: Wireless Internet

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    Wireless Internet

    Lo all,

    Hope your all having a good Xmas, and I wish you all the best for '06.

    Now that's out of the way, I'm hoping to pick up a laptop in the January sales for my parents. I was wondering how easy it is to setup wireless internet / file sharing / printing etc around the house for NTL broadband internet?

    If someone can spec me a set of equipment I'd need I can then look about finding some prices. Budget wise I'd like high quality stuff, but not too overboard, as it'll only be to share the internet with the laptop and my main rig, with a bit of file sharing / printing.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction or to a good useful guide that'd be great.

    If it helps I'm on 2mb NTL broadband using the Terayon TJ210 modem. I haven't got a wireless card for my main rig, so one will need to be purchased. It's an Intel 955XBK board.


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    you would need a wireless card for the laptop there is ether pcimia or usb and for the laptop theres usb or pci ether are fine pci is more reiable IMHO

    then you would need a ADSL router i used a linksys one which is very good but over priced

    scan sell a kcorp on cheap which is half decent and easy to setup

    its really easy aslong as ur ok fitting the cards in the pcs
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    If your with NTL, and don't want to move to ADSL, then you don't want an ADSL router?

    The laptop, i'm guessing your going for a "Centrino" type?

    Centrino is a Marchetecture. Marketing and Architecture come together.

    What it means is you've got an intel P-M series CPU, and an Intel Pro wireless card, and one of their good chipsets. This means battery life is good.... etc. Just stay away from the celerons.

    Stay away from the "Pentium 4 mobile" type. If its got a Pentium 4, or a celeron, just walk away.

    So your going to end up with a 802.11g wireless. Now wireless as good as it is, is still intermittent and bloody anoying at times. So why put your desktop on the wireless?

    A nice Linksys router is a good bet, you do get what you pay for, and Linksys are cut down CISCO (CISCO been good enterprise stuff)

    Now, you'd plug your NTL modem into that via ethernet, and your desktop into the Linksys via ethernet. The laptop via wireless.

    This way you don't un-nescicerally downgrade your PC's connection to the internet.
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