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Thread: Wireless Connection to PSP Problems

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    Question Wireless Connection to PSP Problems

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here and glad to be apart of the community. Thing is, I have a problem and really dont know what to do about it.
    I recieved my Buffalo Airstation today in hopes of getting my PSP online via a wireless network. However... it just wont happen.

    I have plugged my ethernet cable in from my NTL Broadband modem into the airstation... but for some reason the Airstation's ethernet light is coming up Orange (meaning its only recieving at 10mbps) . I also had previous problems connecting my ntl modem via ethernet to my computer for some reason in the past. I therefore simply use the USB connection. There isnt a problem with my ethernet wire though... as I have bought 2 fresh ones.

    The PSP does recognize the wireless network.. though fails to gain an I.P address.

    Any help here would be much appreciated. I'm sorry if this sounds like a pretty sketchy post, its just Im a total newbie to networking and not 100% sure if I have everything done correctly.

    Thanks in advance to whoever can help solve this problem

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    Most if not all NTL cable modems only run at 10Mb so nothing to worry about there

    I would very strongly recommend using the ethernet connection over USB. Obviously, if you want to use it with your Airstation, then you'll have to use ethernet.

    Do you have any DECT phones? DECT phones use the same frequency range (2.4GHz) and can interfere with WiFi. I set my wireless to use Channel 1 which seemed to help with the quality of connection.

    Regarding the PSP connectivity, have you set up any encryption on the wireless side of your airstation? This would be either WEP or WPA.

    I'm assuming your PSP picks up your wireless network, you put all the settings in and then when you go to test the connection, it fails getting an IP address?

    I have a PSP and had exactly the same problem as you. IIRC, the earlier firmware versions of PSP don't support WPA, only WEP which isn't really secure. So if you want to run encrypted (which you ought to!), your best bet is to update the firmware on the PSP to have WPA support, and see how you get on.

    To be honest, I can't remember if my problematic PSP connectivity was due to the DECT interference of the WPA support problem or both.

    Have a look at it all and see how you get on

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