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Thread: C2D cooler recommendations

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    C2D cooler recommendations

    Ok, so I want to improve the cooling on my E6300. Only problem is that due to the way my case (PC-V600) mounts the PSU the cooler can be no taller than the stock cooler - I've been looking at the CNPS8000 but haven't been able to get comparison sizes for the stock cooler (and as I'm not at home I can't measure the bloody thing)

    Any suggestions?

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    The Zalman 7700, Thermaltake blue orb II and northQ giant UFO are all pretty similar and are only about 6 cm high. All give fairly good cooling performance.

    I dont know if they are small enough for you. Hope it helps.

    The stock cooler is 7.2 cm high BTW.

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    Cheers for the measurement on the stock cooler Flewis. I think based on that I can afford a maximum height of around 80mm then,

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