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Thread: Thought on my new C2D over AM2 setup

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    Question Thought on my new C2D over AM2 setup

    Ive decided on a swap from my 4600x2 am2 platform to C2D setup. Ive decided on the E4400 over anything bigger as my understanding is that with decent cooling it can pretty much be as good as or beat the much bigger C2D cpus the only difference is a 2mb over the 4mb cache and can be clocked upto 3.6ghz with ease so will be running it at aout 2.8 ghz and i got me an Asus P5N-E SLI so i can have a quad core if im not happy with performance.

    Id be interested in anyones thoughts on the cpu and board ive choose and what sort of performance difference ill see between my AM2 and the new C2D as ive always been an AMD guy and still have 2 other am2 setups i wasnt happy with the way that the AMD memory controller works i couldnt use all my 4gig of 667mhz ddr2 ram it showed as 600mhz which is a big difference without overclocking so i was down on performance straight off. I had been toying with the idea of just getting a AMD6000+ but after doing some reading i found that the E4400 was much quicker.

    my am2 specs that it replaces are
    foxconn n570 sli a replacement for my faulty EVGA n590sli
    AM2 4600x2 low energy version
    4x1gig corsair XMS2 5300/667
    7600gt this is the 3rd card ive had in 3 months it replaces a xt2600 the ddr4 version and will be upgraded when i can make up my mind with what as i dont use it for gaming ideas welcome.

    only changes are mobo and cpu the other hardware will be the same
    ASUS P5N-E sli 650i motherboard
    C2D E4400

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    Re: Thought on my new C2D over AM2 setup

    What do you use the pc for and why did you replace the 2600xt with a 7600gt?

    I don't honestly think you will see much difference in real world performance unless you are doing a lot of video encoding and things like that.

    The quad core would be a worthwhile upgrade as it will actually last you a good few years but the e4400 seems like a waste of time. There's no gaurantee what so ever that they will hit the speeds you mention, it's very likely but you might not get lucky.

    The motherboard isn't the best overclocker, a P35 would be better as you certainly won't need SLi if you aren't gaming.

    you get quite a lot for your money with the gigabyte range like this

    I prefer the abit's such as this.

    the rest are here

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