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Thread: Pci Express X16 Riser Help

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    Pci Express X16 Riser Help

    Hi just hoping for some advice i have had a termatake mozart sx case for 6months now and last week decided to put a asus p5k deluxe wifi-ap motherboard into it but i have found the pciex16_1 is in the 5th slot of the motherboard but it needs to be in the 6th slot for the riser card to fit properly. The 6th slot is a pciex1_2 so does anyone know how to get arond this problem can i buy an elbow for the riser or something?

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    Re: Pci Express X16 Riser Help

    you can get cables and 90 degree bends but dont know what you need to make it fit. google "pci flexible riser" in the uk

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    Re: Pci Express X16 Riser Help

    I own a PC that changes regularly, so I don't bother putting anything in here...

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