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Thread: Neck microphones ... can you buy them any more?

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    Question Neck microphones ... can you buy them any more?

    Several years ago (5/6?) I bought a neck mic, which is a plastic band with rubberised grips that goes round the neck, and has a microphone on a boom that can be adjusted to be placed nearer to the mouth.

    This is great for me as I never play with headphones, only speakers, so because the microphone's so close it only really picks up my voice and never the rest of the noise from the speakers.

    Unfortunately, it broked

    I now can't find a direct replacement. I've had a look on Aria, Scan and Kustom and can't see anything. Can anyone help? Could I get a desktop mic that's focussed enough to only pick up me and not the speakers behind it? Any other ideas?

    I don't really want to get headphones+mic if I can avoid it ... I won't use the headphones, so it makes for quite a bulky microphone!

    Help, please!!

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    Re: Neck microphones ... can you buy them any more?

    What about those little earpiece mic/headset combos?

    I get a mail shot from a telephony company once a month, but I binned it last week and I can't remember their name. They have a big array of microphone only things.

    I'll try and think of their name, but it's failing me at the moment.
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    Re: Neck microphones ... can you buy them any more?

    I think that what you are looking for is a throat-mike (we used these in the army), a web search threw up a load of US based sites selling them, but not many UK.

    If you don't mind useing ebay there are a few listed here, - throat mike, Militaria, Collectables items at low prices

    Edit: Sorry just noticed that most of those were sellers from the US.

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