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As new technology arrives there is always an initial resistance from people who invested in the old technology and don’t want to think that their investment is wasted. An example of this is the move from AGP to PCI-Express - although now everybody is happy with PCI-Express as it has become the de facto standard.

Today we are on the cusp of some new changes in the graphics industry in the form of two separate technologies combining to form a new standard. These are known as Display Port and 10-bit “consumer” panels - consumer meaning affordable to the general audience as opposed to the high-end panels used in special disciplines.
Samsung DisplayPort technology - AVReview News and comment
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The DisplayPort technology transmits data at an furious 10.8Gbps data rate, which allows for an unbelievable 2560x1600 pixel count (compared to the current 1080p best of 1920x1080) for an unrivalled picture.