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You could always go for the P190 looks like a P182 (except the bloody huge fan on the side) has the same sound deadening (apart from the bloody great big fan on the side) and has loads of room for anything you could ever want to put in it and plenty of cooling due to (you guessed it) the bloody great big fan on the side.
I've got the P190, looks like the P182 but bigger which is why I got it. It's got the features of the P182 but it's just supersized a few things. The top 120mm exhaust fan has been replaced by two 140mm fans, the depth of the case means that e-atx mobos can fit in there and also that means longer psus can fit as well (although it comes with 2 psus totalling to 1200w included in the price). it's not as quiet as a P182 i think, reason being because of that big side fan and the additional top fan there's opening for sound to get out. that's traded off by the better cooling and huge space. I loved the design of the P182 but just wanted more room, it's almost perfect in my eyes