I have recently got an old motherboard for old AMD's/Petiums. Like the 300mhz ceramic ones.

The board is an Epox - MVP3G2.

Im sure that the baord should work, but it just doesnt.
I have tried:
Reseting CMOS
Taking battery out
2xworking PCI graphics cards
2xworking CPU's
Working RAM (in each of the 3 DIMMS)
There are mulitplers on the board, and voltage switches. I have played around with all of them.

And yet it still doesnt work...

I have a computer that has CPU, RAM, GFX, LAN on an ISA board (so plugs into the ISA socket. I tried this and it worked, which indicates to me that the board is actually working.

Is there soemthing that i havent tried?
Can anyone help?

Thanks very much