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Thread: Dual PSU question

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    Dual PSU question

    Where can I buy the adaptors (relays?) that let you run 2 psus at the same time?

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    I got mine from maplin Daveham....Cost me £2.99...... Hang on...*digs out last years catalogue*

    I ended up getting a 12v 6A miniature Relay ... code is fj43W ..... type that into their webby for a piccy ....or it is on page 224 of the sep02 - aug03 catalogue.

    You know what your doing? I have a simple guide, pm me if you'd like it emailed to you.... or if you wanna know which way round to wire that relay

    I ended up doing mine when i sent back my 300W quiet pc and they sent me a replacement AS WELL as fixing my old one and sending that back. Nothing like 600 Watts of power for £2.99 (plus the fifty quid i spent on the psu in the first place obviously )

    Hope this helps

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