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Thread: Connecting things to amps

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    Question Connecting things to amps

    Hi all

    I have a computer running a 5.1 surround card, and at the moment it is hooked up to a 5.1 surround speakers and sub, all amplified its self.

    However just got me a new Panasonic 32 LDZ80 tv and am now using this as a monitor. Along with this i have a PS3 which is running through HDMI.

    The problem is i want to hook my 5.1 up so it can run the PS3 5.1 for films and the like.

    Do i

    A. Buy a surround setup based for tv that can be used with my computer.

    B. Buy a amp that will accept the the current surround sound i have.

    With the surround sound i have it has 3 jacks going to 3 phono (red and white). With the output as 5 phono outs.

    Any help would be amazing


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    Re: Connecting things to amps

    You might be able to get away with using your current speakers and just replacing the amp part of it with an AV reciever.

    How do the speakers connect to the amp at the moment? is it some weird fitting or just bare cable? Although the ends can probably be hacked off and wired into the back of a regular reciever anyway.

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    Re: Connecting things to amps

    You could take the audio output from the tv into the PC and then you it would be outputted through the speakers along with any sounds from the pc which means u could even have music playing from your pc while playing on the PS3 if you want.

    Not sure about keeping it as a 5.1 signal tho cause i do a similar thing but stereo only. And also if your pc doesnt have an input you will need to add one somehow.

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