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Thread: Overclocking nightmare

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    Overclocking nightmare

    Hi all, newbie to this forum so bonjour!,

    Straight to the crunch I am having the most hair pulling nightmare clocking my P4 2.4B/533 bus chip.

    Story starts I built my PC from scratch last year specs being

    Pentium 4 2.4b/533
    EPOX 4PGAI 800 BUS Mobo
    512MB PC3200/400DDR
    Nvidia Geforce 4 440MX 64MB
    120GB (IBM i think!) hard drive 2MB

    I had the above clocked stable at 3Ghz/3.1Ghz no probs without messing with voltages memory timings etc just by upping the FSB.

    Now since adding my superdooper Excalibur Ice-Q 128MB 9800Pro and a additional 512MB same brand etx ram I cannot clock above 2.6Ghz without the pc falling over. I have followed the advise and upped the processor voltage to a hefty 1.6V which is the maximum I can do in Bios, and also the memory voltage to 3v.

    But messing with all the settings and setting the ram to conservative settings the maximum my beast will output is 2.6 .

    I am wondering is this due to the fact that I only have a 300W PSU which even though was purchased last year when I built my pc is not able to provide enough punch considering I am running the follwoing additional hardware:-

    2xCD Rom
    Hard Drive
    Fan controller plus 6 fans 4 case 1 vga and 1 cpu
    Gfx Card
    12V light
    + the motherboard!!! which has 12v auxilary power aswell as the main connection.

    Do you think if I change the PSU it will solve my annoying problem.

    Many thanks all

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    I'd say you want a bit more than 300W. You can get some nice CWTs from
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    Yep, definately a PSU problem Just spend a bit on a nice powerful one.

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    I would advise a new PSU, but not a Q-Tec one. A friend of mine bought a QTec 550W and the +5V rail was around 4.2V :O

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