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Thread: which x58 mobo for xeon w3520?

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    which x58 mobo for xeon w3520?

    hi all,

    Im hunting an x58 mobo which supports xeon w3520 out of box without upgrading bios. (I dont have a spared i7)

    previous owned a classified but returned it as it's too much for me.

    cpu will be overclocked and watercooled(hk 3.0) and currently have one ati 4850(not sure i will go for sli or xfire or not, but max 2 cards cos Im not a big gamer.)

    maybe upgrade to i9 when the price is right next year.

    considering mobos as below, but dont know which one supports w3520(out of box) and clocks well.

    P6TD Dlx
    DFI UT x58
    or any other options?

    Many thanks
    work hard, play hard

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    Re: which x58 mobo for xeon w3520?

    In theory, all of them. The Xeon W3520 is designed to work with the X58, not the Intel 55XX. I see nothing that states that a BIOS update or anything will be required if you get an X58 board.
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    Re: which x58 mobo for xeon w3520?

    Scan will upgrade the bios to the latest version for a small fee if you're worried about that.

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    Re: which x58 mobo for xeon w3520?

    thanks for replies.

    I know w35x0 is the same as i7 9xx. Im worried about it will boot with shipped bios or not.

    I think I will go for the bloodrage as it looks better than the others and better pwm. anybody knows their RMA/repair service? seems foxconn's own brand board is not very popular in the uk.

    (sorry about my english)
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