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Thread: gfx RMA issue

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    gfx RMA issue

    i recently bought a powercolor hd3850 from scan from its today only section, it came sealed and new but after using it for a month i noticed i would get red/blue lines flickering across the screen and the only way to get rid of them was to restart the pc. it happened mostly after the pc was asleep/screen saver but would sometimes flicker and glitch as soon as i turned it on.

    i called them up and they said that because the gfx card has been discontinued they could only offer me a refund, the problem is i want a replacement because im not going to be able to find a gaming gfx for that price. is there some law that forces them to replace the gfx with something similar from the same brand?

    any help will be much appreciated, thank you

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    Re: gfx RMA issue

    Quote Originally Posted by tundraa View Post
    ..... is there some law that forces them to replace the gfx with something similar from the same brand?
    Afraid not, no .... IMHO, of course.

    You're entitled to require either a repair or replacement provided it is not disproportionately expensive. It may be that you can agree something as an alternative, if they are willing, and it's certainly worth asking, but I'm not aware of anything that would allow you to insist on it, especially if a refund was offered, and I'm of the opinion that no such right exists.

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    Re: gfx RMA issue

    As Saracen says, it's up to the retailer. This Guide to the Sale Of Goods Act is a good place to start.

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