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Thread: Unusual AB9 QUAD GT problem.

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    Unusual AB9 QUAD GT problem.

    While playing a game i had to unplug my microphone (from back panel). The result of this is making me wonder if my pc is totaled. The screen went pure black , bar a vertical bar on the right side which is near black.

    Worried i restarted my pc and thought the problem was gone, as the initial abit screen comes up perfectly, as does the bios and even the black windows XP loading screen. However at the end of that loading screen instead of going to the blue windows login panel it flashes to the previously mentioned black screen.

    the near black bar brightens and darkens in response to monitor brightness adjustment. However the rest of the screen remains pitch dark.

    I can still access bios but that is about it.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to troubleshoot this or any idea of what the cause might be i would appreciate it.

    In addition, when booted on a friends monitor everything works perfectly. Ruling out a physical problem with the graphics card? Does this mean plugging out a microphone has somehow made my graphics drivers not recognize my monitor. If so i am surprised .
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    Re: Unusual AB9 QUAD GT problem.

    Moved to hardware section where you are more likely to get a response.

    Unplugging a microphone should not damage the PC, but it sounds as if the graphics settings have been altered - maybe by the game if that crashed.

    If you have he friends monitor, reset your graphics to something fairly basic using that, then try your own monitor again. If you can see an image in windows, you will be able to set it up correctly. The fact that you can see the normal boot sequence indicates that you haven't done any hardware damage.

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